Dwam a novella by J. Anita

It feels so great to share this post. My debut novella Dwam is going to be released soon on 25th January and I just can’t thank enough. The book is available on Amazon to pre-order.

Thanking all the people who supported me and my publishers!

Calling for Submissions!

Hi you all!

Rosewood Publications is looking for writers for their upcoming anthology. If you wish to publish a short story, do mail me for more info! Share it with interested people! Grab the opportunity and become a published writer!


If It’s Not Forever….It’s Still Love

How many times we all have heard and even believed the sayings like ‘All is Fair in love and War’ or that ‘If It’s Not Forever, It’s not love’?

Notions or constructs like this exist everywhere in this social structure, stifling the true essence of things or love to say so.

When one talks about everything being fair in love or war, there is a chance of one being morally wrong on one or more ocassion. And well, if I talk about forever then, is there even a ‘forever?’

The basic rule of life is that everything is destructible. Then, why do we believe or make others believe that nothing can touch their love?
There are many factors determental to the longevity of love such as committment, loyalty, understanding or so on. But we all already know that, right? Then why we still focus on forever?

The Ruin Lane

In the ruins

Of plains

A wallflower stood

His hair the color of ink

Eyes full of honey

The boy lived in a lane

Writing poems for Jane

I watched him from afar

A beautiful sight he was

Singing songs of love

He was a fair dove

I wandered in the ruins

He took my hand

And roamed the lane

Singing songs of friendship

My smile bright

His teeth pearly

The day was young

Night still unborn

We walked the ruins

Hand in hand

Singing songs of friendship